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Halo ODST Pillow 16x16 Video Game Decorative Throw Cover Drop Pod Home Decor Military UNSC Gamer Geek Gift Idea For Guy Men Dude Green Black


"Feet First Into Hell"

We present to you our Halo ODST designs. Complete with bad arse saying and cadence! These designs were by special request (ahem, our brother). He said he approves and we hope you fellow Halo players agree :). Perfect for your gamer guy or girl (or gamer-self). (We totally advocate the purchasing of gifts for oneself--you deserve it! #treatyoself)

Choose ONE 16" x 16" Graphic Print Decorative Throw Pillow Cover (inserts also available for an additional cost). *Covers are the shell of the pillow/cushions. Inserts (the plushy square that goes inside the pillow cover) are available for an additional cost.


This throw Pillow Cover is made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric, a stylish statement that will liven up any room. Individually cut and sewn by hand, the pillow cover measures 16" x 16", features a double-sided print and is finished with a concealed zipper for ease of care. Does not include pillow insert.


*Colors are listed with the available fabrics. Everything is professionally printed, so we cannot mix and match colors/fabrics--we apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

Our Pillows are professionally printed, so please allow for printing and processing time when making your order/s.

Please Note: The resolution of the photographs has been decreased and watermark/s may be displayed for copyright/intellectual infringement protection. Purchased artwork/product will not be watermarked and is a higher resolution than showcased here. Also, purchasing any of our artwork/product does not transfer rights for reproduction--we reserve all rights to our pictures, designs, and content. They are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without my written permission. Copyright infringement may result in legal action.


Get in touch and give us some feedback about our products or just say heeeeyyy.

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